Jack Trekker: Somewhere in Egypt

An adventure starring a real ladies' man



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Jack Trekker: Somewhere in Egypt is a completely free point-and-click 2D graphic adventure where you play Jack Trekker, a ladies' man and funny adventurer who happens to be locked up inside an Egyptian tomb.

Your hero's goal is to get out of the Tomb of the Three Sisters. It's not an easy task, and requires all his wits, especially if he wants to escape with the famous Tomb treasure.

The gameplay is the traditional one for the genre. You can walk freely over the settings, look at objects and pick them up, and even interact with everything you see on screen with the mouse.

Jack Trekker: Somewhere in Egypt is a fun graphic adventure that tries to stay loyal to the traditional concepts in the genre, and offers an interesting story along the way. The only downside is that it's pretty short.
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